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IRC System Review

IRC or Inter-Register Communication systems – a supplier of software and hardware for Point of Sales systems – has been around since 1987. As a complete POS systems solutions company, they offer a wide selection of products used for POS systems like barcode printers and scanners from popular brands. The solutions also provide after sales support for their products.

Businesses needs to be able to manage their phones, fax machines, and point of sales systems efficiently so that all their sales can be monitored. The systems the company sells can connect business operations effectively in terms of their product sales using modern technology in this industry.

Professional POS company

As of today, IRC systems is the top Malaysian distributor for Casio Electronic Cash Register equipment. They have business partners who have helped them achieve this feat. Sabah & Sarawak is their main partner and their partnership with them has allowed them to expand their reach to distribute their products nationwide.

Other partnerships they are involved include Casio, Bixolon, and Zebex. They supply their hardware products for points of sales systems. These are coupled with software from SQL and Seito to run the equipment effectively. Aside from that, in-charge of the company branding are Cougar and Orca pushing their brand even further to the top. All their professional partnerships have allowed the company to flourish to what it is today.

Thousands of companies, mostly members of the food and beverage and retail industries, have used the IRC systems for their sales. They have bought both hardware (cash registers) and software (Seito and Cougar POS, ECR Rental Service) for their business. The extensive list of IRC clients can be found on their website which shows the many success stories they have contributed to in these industries.images

Wide Range of Products

IRC products are widely used by many businesses in Malaysia. Retailers use their cash registers to monitor their sales. These cash registers are calibrated to the Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia so that they can be used in every day operations.

POS touch terminals, printers and barcode scanners are also sold to keep the stability of their point of sale system. These are efficient machines that uses modern technology to keep track of sales, user- friendly operation, and receipt print-outs for customers of the companies that use them. The IRC’s POS systems are the brains behind sales operations in many industries across Malaysia. Buyers can get the Cougar or Seito software to connect machines in their stores. Each software can be programmed to the specific needs of businesses who operate in different industries.

Their software allows for trouble-free operation so personnel don’t have a long learning curve to get to use the system. After sales support include updated software technology and durable POS equipment so users can continue to stay ahead. The IRC systems also automate a sales report for the company. And depending on the system bought by the owner, it can include an accounting system where the sales movement will be recorded immediately for proper accounting of sales, revenue, profit, inventory, and proper merchandising.

Why Online Florists Are In Demand In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

There is a trend that is occurring right now in Kuala Lumpur. There is a heavy demand for florists. Not just a Kuala Lumpur florist that you could visit at a local store, but those that are available online. More people than ever before in Malaysia own smart phones, tablet computers, and PCs. They are realizing how easy it is to place orders within seconds over these digital devices, and they are looking for more florists so that flowers can be delivered. It’s not just that it makes ordering easier. It also makes finding or creating an arrangement very simple. Here is a quick overview of why online florists are in high demand in Kuala Lumpur, and how this need will be met.

Why Do They Need More Florists There?

There are three main reasons why florists are in high demand in this city because the population is growing at an exponential rate. Likewise, so is tourism. They have some of the most unique tourist attractions such as the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the Petronas Towers, and the Batu caves where you can see limestone caves amidst Hindu temples and shrines. The population will soon surpass 2 million people, and these citizens one access to online florists. They understand how easy it is to get flowers using these websites, and this is exactly what you will want to do if you are ever in Kuala Lumpur. You could be visiting before a couple of weeks, and you may want to send flowers to someone that you know. For all of these reasons, it is necessary for businesses to start providing online flowers for people in this Asian city.

How Can This Be Done?

There are many companies that are recognizing this need and are trying to provide websites where people can order flowers 24 hours a day. They are connected with florists that are in Kuala Lumpur and they can fulfill all of the orders. The more people that become part of the system, the more efficient it will be. It’s going to be very easy, in the next few years, for people to order virtually any type of flower arrangement. This can be done so easily by simply setting up satellite websites where people can find online florists by searching for them on the web. As long as the website is designed to provide a multitude of different flowers and arrangements, something that can be used even with a smart phone, this industry will begin to generate a substantial amount of

These are the reasons that Kuala Lumpur needs to have more florists taking orders online. Once this is properly set up, it will be very easy for citizens of this city, as well as people in the country of Malaysia, to order online flowers delivery whenever they want. Whether they are looking for roses to give someone special in their life, or lilies for a funeral, they will have exactly what they need that can be ordered within minutes using these websites that can be accessed by smart phones.

How To Find An Event Planner In Malaysia Today

There are so many reasons that it can be difficult to set up a large event which will include the type of event that you are planning, the vendors that you are trying to get that will participate in the event, and how much money you actually have to spend in order to coordinate everything. Many people believe that using an event organizer is going to be too expensive, which is why many people avoid this, but it’s actually a cost-effective way to plan for events like company get-togethers or weddings. If you are in Malaysia, the following tips will allow you to save thousands of dollars by using an event planner that has the knowledge and experience necessary to make this as successful as possible for

An Event Planner Has Connections

One of the main reasons that you work with an event planner is because they already have built-in connections that they can simply call to set up all of the things that you will need at your event. If you were to try to do this on your own, you would probably end up paying 25% more for the same services simply because you do not have a relationship with the vendors that could be used at your gathering. Another benefit is that it’s going to save you a lot of time because you will not have to sift through all of the vendors that could potentially be at your event because the event planner will already know which ones are the best and who to call. Essentially, they will have done this so many times they will only have to make one phone call for each person that is going to be providing services at your event.

How To Choose The Right Event Planner

Selecting the right event planner will depend on the type of event you are planning, and what type of professionals you would like to have a show up. Corporate events may require several different types of vendors, each of which will need to be an expert in their field, in order to make everything go as successful as possible can be difficult if you have never set up any type of court event before. Instead of going through the trial and error that many people will go through, you can use an event planner to line up everything, make phone calls for you, and schedule everyone to appear at the time that you need them for the event that you have planned.

How To Interview These Planners001product-launch

One of the first questions you should ask is if they have ever scheduled an event as large as yours is going to be. You need to make sure that they have done this before. Additionally, they should have pictures and a portfolio of previous parties and weddings they have set up, or even anniversaries, so that you can see what they are capable of doing. Sometimes events can lead to numerous cancellations by vendors, so these individuals should also have a large list of standby vendors that can cover in case people to back out of the deal.

Whether you are planning a large corporate party, or a personal get together, you really don’t have to stress if you have the right event planner because they can handle all of the small and large details that will lead to everything going as planned.

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13th World Scout Moot

The World Organization of Scout Movement [WOSM] honored The Kenya Scouts Association to host the 13th World Scout Moot from 27th July to 7th August 2010 on behalf of Africa Scout Region. The Kenya Scouts Association is the largest youth movement in Kenya with over 300,000 scouts and over 20,000 scout leaders.

The World Scout Moot is a gathering of young adults aged 19 – 26 years who come together to share experiences and participate in offering of service to communities. If you are older you can attend as IST [International Service Team] staff member. The World Scout Moot is held every four years and has been held twelve times before,  the last one was held in Hwalien, Taiwan China in 2004

This event is the first Scout Moot to be held in Africa therefore making it a very special occasion for the whole continent.

The event will draw 3000 participants from all over the world.

The overall purpose of Rover Moot is to discharge service to their communities. Though it is done in the camping setting, the participants will spend most of their time doing services that respond to the contemporary needs.

DATE:   27th July – 7th august 2010


NEAREST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:  Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
It is the Kenya’s largest Aviation facility and the busiest airport
in Central Africa. The airport is located South-East of Nairobi
15km from Nairobi’s Central Business District]

    1. Participants: 2,500 young people aged 18-26 at the time of the Moot.
    2. International Service Team (IST): 390 IST, aged 26 years and over at the time of the Moot.
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