IRC or Inter-Register Communication systems – a supplier of software and hardware for Point of Sales systems – has been around since 1987. As a complete POS systems solutions company, they offer a wide selection of products used for POS systems like barcode printers and scanners from popular brands. The solutions also provide after sales support for their products.

Businesses needs to be able to manage their phones, fax machines, and point of sales systems efficiently so that all their sales can be monitored. The systems the company sells can connect business operations effectively in terms of their product sales using modern technology in this industry.

Professional POS company

As of today, IRC systems is the top Malaysian distributor for Casio Electronic Cash Register equipment. They have business partners who have helped them achieve this feat. Sabah & Sarawak is their main partner and their partnership with them has allowed them to expand their reach to distribute their products nationwide.

Other partnerships they are involved include Casio, Bixolon, and Zebex. They supply their hardware products for points of sales systems. These are coupled with software from SQL and Seito to run the equipment effectively. Aside from that, in-charge of the company branding are Cougar and Orca pushing their brand even further to the top. All their professional partnerships have allowed the company to flourish to what it is today.

Thousands of companies, mostly members of the food and beverage and retail industries, have used the IRC systems for their sales. They have bought both hardware (cash registers) and software (Seito and Cougar POS, ECR Rental Service) for their business. The extensive list of IRC clients can be found on their website which shows the many success stories they have contributed to in these industries.images

Wide Range of Products

IRC products are widely used by many businesses in Malaysia. Retailers use their cash registers to monitor their sales. These cash registers are calibrated to the Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia so that they can be used in every day operations.

POS touch terminals, printers and barcode scanners are also sold to keep the stability of their point of sale system. These are efficient machines that uses modern technology to keep track of sales, user- friendly operation, and receipt print-outs for customers of the companies that use them. The IRC’s POS systems are the brains behind sales operations in many industries across Malaysia. Buyers can get the Cougar or Seito software to connect machines in their stores. Each software can be programmed to the specific needs of businesses who operate in different industries.

Their software allows for trouble-free operation so personnel don’t have a long learning curve to get to use the system. After sales support include updated software technology and durable POS equipment so users can continue to stay ahead. The IRC systems also automate a sales report for the company. And depending on the system bought by the owner, it can include an accounting system where the sales movement will be recorded immediately for proper accounting of sales, revenue, profit, inventory, and proper merchandising.