In Malaysia, kids who are between the ages of four and five attend kindergarten. For many going to a Mont Kiara Kindergarten, this is their first introduction to education in a more formal setting. Making the transition to a structured environment can be a little bit of a hurdle for some kids.

.There are some steps that you can take, however, that will make the process of attending kindergarten a little bit easier. One of the first things that you can do is get your child used to following a schedule. Start waking them up at the same time each day instead of allowing them to sleep.

Create structured activities at specific times during the day. Having some structure in their lives before attending kindergarten can make the process of transitioning to a structured classroom environment a bit easier. You should also work on socializing your child as much as possible.

Make sure that they spend time playing with other kids. If you don’t have any children in your neighborhood, you can always take them to a local park or play center. Try to encourage them to meet other children and to get involved. This will help give them the social skills that they need to make friends after they begin school.

You should also begin focusing on the ideas of sharing and taking turns. One great way to do this is by playing board games. With most games, each person gets a turn while the other players have to wait. This can make it easier for kids to understand the idea of waiting for their turn.

Always encourage your child to share their toys with others, as well. This will help avoid the ‘mine’ mentality after they start going to school. You can also help prepare them mentally by teaching them some early education skills. For instance, work with them to help them learn the letters of the alphabet.

This can give them a head start in the classroom. Spending time reading together is a great way to help them begin developing their mental skills. This can be found in this Petaling Jaya Preschool in Malaysia. If you and your child spend most of your time together, it is a good idea to start having them spend time with other trusted adults.

Consider hiring a babysitter several times a week to stay with your child or leaving them with an adult relative that you trust. Getting them used to following the directions of other adults can make it easier for them to listen to the teacher in the classroom.

If your child is getting ready to attend kindergarten in Malaysia, it is important to take steps to prepare them ahead of time. By teaching them certain skills in advance, you can set them up for success in the classroom. Ultimately, your focus should be on providing them with the social, cognitive, and language skills that they need to succeed.

You can do this by teaching them how to interact with others, helping them learn their letters and numbers, getting them used to following directions, and familiarizing them with the idea of being on a schedule.