Singapore is a beautiful island country in Southeast Asia, and places like Emerald Hill, The Helix Bridge and Gardens by the Bay are a few of the attractions that await you. Visit them at your leisure as you enjoy all the great things to do in the Republic of Singapore. We are going to explore 5 of the top places of interest that you might want to visit as you look at all of the opportunities for recreation in Singapore.

One place of interest that will definitely be lots of fun is the neighborhood of Chinatown. Visiting one attraction is good, but getting to explore an entire neighborhood is better. What is waiting for you in Chinatown? Learn about Chinese history and culture in Singapore, and that includes many museum tours and also shopping experiences if you are up for doing it all. You are also going to be able to enjoy quite a bit of great food. Chinatown would be a great first stop because it covers the whole spectrum of things to do.

Orchard Road is another great destination, and this is another great opportunity for you to go shopping. There are also hotels in this area, as well as restaurants. Group all of those hotels, shopping centers and restaurants together, and you have Orchard Road, an experience covering 800,000 square miles. According to reviews, you are looking at an area of Singapore that caters to all budgets and tastes as well.

Your next stop for recreation could be the Waterfront Promenade. This area of Singapore is best visited at night because there is a light and water show. Take your evening stroll along the Waterfront Promenade and enjoy the majestic experience. You also get to check out the great views in general, and it is easy to get back and forth to this area from where you are staying. All you do to go back to your hotel is hop on the subway. Reviews say that kids especially enjoy the laser show.

There are also many great gift and specialty shops there. Let’s get to two of them right quick, East Inspirations and Paragon. East Inspirations is located at 33 Pagoda Street, and it is a great place to go in order to learn more about Asian art and culture. As you can imagine, it is also a great place to buy some souvenirs. Is it time for a treasure hunt? This will be like no other shopping experience you’ve had before.

Next let’s look at Paragon. Paragon is located at 290 Orchard Road. It is a great place to stop if you are looking for a luxurious shopping experience, one in which you will be able to browse all kinds of luxury goods. The building is six stories tall, and there are 200 stores there waiting for you.

It’s time for one more attraction. Gardens by the Bay is the place, and you will find this place of interest at 18 Marina Gardens Drive. This wonderful attraction is ranked #3 in Singapore and is part of the new downtown area. You fill find 3 gardens along the waterfront, and they are going to be beautiful sights to behold. Reviewers point out that this top place of interest in Singapore is one you don’t want to miss.

You are all set when it comes to things to do in Singapore. Visit these places of recreation, and see if you can fit in a few more attractions. Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime. Singapore is beautiful, and the culture there is so interesting to learn about and experience.